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L Trade Furniture Trading

L Trade Furniture Trading
No.508-509, Jalan 18, Taman Perindustrian Ehsan Jaya, 52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.
603-6277 2289 / 6016-966 3899
10.30AM - 8.30PM
10.30AM - 8.30PM
11.00AM - 7.00PM


L Trade Furniture Trading is a furniture supplies in Malaysia. The company is built on the values of craftsmanship and customer service, delivering quality furniture’s to customer locally.

L Trade Furniture Trading was established in 2014 and founder is Mr. Liew Yew Heng. Mr. Liew started his career as outdoor salesman by selling Bean Sofa Furniture.  After he has earned enough money from his first career, he started his own furniture supplies business in Kepong.  

L Trade Furniture product portfolio comprise of a wide range of house and office furniture, such as chairs, sofas, bean bag sofa, tables, cupboards, mattress, cabinets, wardrobe design, wall panel, kitchen cabinet that are designed not just to look aesthetic, but to endure and meet out its customers’ needs.

L Trade Furniture vision is to become a one-stop furniture solutions provider, and aim at being one of the best furniture manufacturer and provider of home, office, hotel furniture designed with functionally, high quality and affordable prices 








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RAVELLO Mattress LTF_RAVELLO Retail Price : RM 1,699.00 each
MENZIES Mattress LTF_MENZIES Retail Price : RM 1,380.00 each
MAREE Mattress LTF_MAREE Retail Price : RM 3,999.00 each
MARIGOLD Mattress LTF_MARIGOLD Retail Price : RM 1,580.00 each
LUCKY STAR Mattress LTF_LUCKY STAR Retail Price : RM 1,099.00 each
LISTON Mattress LTF_LISTON Retail Price : RM 1,880.00 each
LAURA Mattress LTF_LAURA Retail Price : RM 2,199.00 each
KADINA Mattress LTF_KADINA Retail Price : RM 2,899.00 each
HARROW Mattress LTF_HARROW Retail Price : RM 1,988.00 each
DOMENTO Mattress LTF_DOMENTO Retail Price : RM 899.00 each
DARWIN Mattress LTF_DRAWIN Retail Price : RM 4,880.00 each
CRESWELL Mattress LTF_CRESWELL Retail Price : RM 899.00 each
COWELL Mattress LTF_COWELL Retail Price : RM 4,180.00 each
COMET Mattress LTF_COMET Retail Price : RM 2,200.00 each
COMENTO Mattress LTF_COMENTO Retail Price : RM 1,150.00 each
CAREBACK Mattress LTF_CAREBACK Retail Price : RM 1,299.00 each
BOWEN mattress LTF_BOWEN Retail Price : RM 3,080.00 each
BELTANA Mattress LTF_BELTANA Retail Price : RM 1,880.00 each

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